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Daniela- México-19


mariagalletosa said: 46, 23 & 2

46.- uhm la verdad apenas estoy probando tés pero el que hasta ahorita me ha gustado más es de frutas tropicales
23.- francés
2.-ay buena pregunta, tal vez kristen stewart, me gusta su onda

Anonymous said: why you no answer me? :/

Sorry I was sleeping😁

Anonymous said: yeees i've seen fire, pure and rise :') i really like this season, but... the ends... are shocking. I really love effy, cook and cassie, but i miss so much Freddie :'( u?

Like it was a very traumatic the way freddie ended! Yeah I miss him but I’ve always liked cook, I find him very cool and he has like the bad boy look💜

Anonymous said: me too, also Lux and Effy (well no much)

yeah, I love effy, idk, have you seen season fire? I didn’t like the end. Ey don’t be anon we show talk more often

Guys I’m going to the beach for a week, don’t forget about me!


60’s MerCruiser inboard a boat awaiting a new owner By Mike Cooper


60’s MerCruiser inboard a boat awaiting a new owner 
By Mike Cooper


I’ll bet you’d look adorable grasping at the sheets on my bed